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St. Joseph Sandbox

Teaming up to drive new business growth in the northwest part of Missouri. 



This partnership couples the Digital Sandbox KC program with the amazing resources available in St. Joseph, Missouri to fill existing gaps in the entrepreneurial eco-system and maximize existing resources at the Innovation Stockyard and Missouri Western State University.

Up to $15,000 in project development funds and professional coworking space in St. Joseph.


This partnership is best positioned to help companies or concepts that are focused around:

  • Any scaleable business idea seeking capital investment and job creation for rapid growth
  • Scalable business concepts that can grow quickly and create a high volume of jobs
  • A concept that is likely to be competitive in the marketplace
  • The market opportunity is robust and current
  • The proposed project can likely be achieved within the defined project budget and timeline
  • Strong, competent management team with competitive advantage and can attract capital

Eligible applicants must be located within the City of St. Joseph or the surrounding county.

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Companies in the St. Joseph Sandbox

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Application Deadline: August 23, 2017

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