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Go Natural English

Go Natural English helps adults who are learning to speak English improve their fluency and confidence with digital learning materials and a community of support.


TradeLanes automates trade management for U.S. exporters, using an online platform to lower costs and remove days from the supply chain. 


MusicSpoke is a global marketplace that allows musicians and educators to purchase sheet music directly from composers.


Hungry? is a mobile app with an innovative algorithm to simplify the decision of what and where to eat, and help you find the fastest and cheapest dining options.


LivestockLens uses artificial intelligence technologies to automatically monitor food intake by cattle in feedlots, offering a cheaper and more accurate way of monitoring weight gain and reducing the number of animals who get sick. 

Hidden Abilities

Hidden Abilities is developing an innovative tool for the millions of people struggling with dyslexia. The Hidden Abilities Read ‘n Style pen is a discreet, handheld device that scans text and reads it aloud for students with dyslexia; effectively turning any book into an audiobook. 

Drones 4 Hire

Drones4Hire provides a quick and easy way for businesses and individuals to hire a drone pilot. The Drones4Hire website makes it easy to request and hire a licensed FAA drone pilot to fit their needs. 

Toss It Curbside

Toss It Curbside provides professional removal service for unwanted items. As the name indicates, customers can place their unwanted items on the curb and the Toss It Curbside team will coordinate the item’s removal and delivery to a local donation or recycle center, leaving very little for the landfill. 

2020 Adventures

2020 Adventures makes the process of planning small group trips easier. When customers submit criteria for their desired trip on the 2020 Adventures website, they receive a suggested itinerary on a personalized trip page, allowing them to share trip details and individual payment links with their friends.


Luxe is a provider of amenity services for multi-family housing communities. The Luxe mobile app offers apartment communities a concierge platform for residents to seamlessly book and manage apartment tailored services.

Idle Smart

Idle Smart is an automated engine start/stop solution that maintains trucking fleet uptime by keeping batteries charged and engines warm, as well as reducing overnight idle time and fuel emissions.


Billdrill is a website where customers can submit how much they pay for TV, internet, cell phone and home security services and compare their rates against the rates of other providers in the area.


TicketRx is a digital platform that connects attorneys and drivers with the push of a button. The TicketRx smartphone application matches drivers to a licensed attorney in the area where the violation occurred. A TicketRx attorney will contact the driver within 24 hours to discuss the case. The confirmed attorney will handle the case from start to finish, which in most cases requires no court appearance.


FEWDM is creating healthy habits by designing and developing fitness products with integrated technology to improve the workout experience. Using motion-recognition technology, FEWDM can provide real-time feedback and interactive games during exercise to maximize users’ results. 

Homegrown & Happy

Homegrown & Happy is an online marketplace for community recipe sharing, food swapping, and unique buying experiences in personalized foods. With funding from the Sandbox, Homegrown & Happy will enable UI functionality for advancing developments in the company's recipe sharing framework and supporting API integrations for both the Homegrown & Happy home-exchanged and custom-ordered product offerings.

Homegrown & Happy is the first company to receive funding through the Sandbox’s partnership with the City of Independence and the Independence Economic Development Council.  In addition to up to $20,000 in project development funds from Digital Sandbox KC, Homegrown & Happy will have access to professional workspace at WerksLab and specialized business support through the iNTech Growth Program at the Ennovation Center, a business incubator located in Independence.

17º 73º Innovation Co

17º 73º Innovation Co. is working to find solar solutions to facilitate the expansion of electronic device usage in support of economic development and communication. The Sunshine Box, a portable solar powered charging system, will bridge the gap for those who already have access to mobile phones but live in communities that are off the grid and with unreliable power and connectivity.

17° 73° Innovation Co. is the first company to receive funding from the Energy Sandbox, a partnership between Digital Sandbox KC and GXP Investment (part of Great Plains Energy). Launched in summer 2016, the Energy Sandbox supports emerging startups and established companies located within or near the Great Plains Energy service area with innovative concepts focused on the energy sector. 


MovinHouz brings a new experience to the moving industry.  Using the MovinHouz mobile app, customers can Click It…Pic It…Move!  MovinHouz movees (Customers who are moving), with a few picks and a few clicks, can set up their move with thoroughly vetted movers.  All of this takes the stress out of picking a mover and ensures the safety and security of all your belongings.

Currently movees have a very difficult time finding a quality mover.  Today, if someone needs to move, they have to ask around for the best moving company or go online where their information will be sold, resulting in continuous phone calls.  Then, the movee has to make sure that they are being contacted by professionally insured moving companies.  Finally, the movee has to take extra time to meet with multiple moving companies to properly price their moves which could still fluctuate thoughout the move.

MovinHouz’s, MovinPic Technology, ensures that that the moving process is seamless.  MovinPic allows the movee to upload photos of each room and major items.  These photos will be seen by multiple vetted movers who will then each submit a moving quote.  MovinPic enables clear identification of the items to be moved and allows the moving company to see the actual items involved so they can provide the most accurate quote possible.

This creates a win-win for both the movee and the mover.


PreScreend is a predictive analytics platform that provides businesses and consumers a way to authenticate and verify someone’s real identity. Big data is also used to identify criminal methods and create behavioral DNA, allowing for identification based on how a person acts, rather than their genetic make-up.

PreScreend's first party consent based model provides users with a proactive layer of personal safety and security. In an on-demand economy people get into cars with complete strangers, trust freelancers with proprietary technology secrets, and sleep in the beds of people they've never met. PreScreend's platform searches over a billion data points, and helps you stay safe before meeting strangers for the first time.

The company was founded by local and federal law enforcement professionals who have seen first-hand the need for safer interactions between strangers.

"In law enforcement, we always find ourselves being reactive when someone becomes the victim of a crime,” said Dustin Abercrombie, founder and CEO. “PreScreend will finally provide people with a way to be proactive with their personal safety. This opportunity allows for us to expand our technology infrastructure and automation capabilities while reducing the number of victims exponentially."

B2G Data

B2G Data addresses the issue of nursing retention through a mobile app that allows nurses to record activities, earn points for those activities and then redeem those points for incentives such as paid time off, gift cards, raffles and catalog items.

Hospital reimbursement for services is increasingly being tied to care quality. Staffing shortages and temporary staffing can lead to a decrease in overall care quality and patient satisfaction. Hospitals can improve their financial bottom line by focusing on nurse retention, using B2G Data’s Tak mobile app. Tak means “thank you” in Danish.

The initial target audience for the product is hospitals. B2G Data has launched a single location version of the app and plans to launch a multi-location app before the end of the year.

“We are very excited that Digital Sandbox KC has given their endorsement to our nurse retention app with both encouragement and finances,” said Gary Abram, DEO of B2G Data. “Digital Sandbox KC's support will allow us to expand the app's ability to work with multiple clients at once.” 


Tapyness is a one question, three button survey presented in a discrete location near an exit that provides consumers an easy way to report on their experience, in context. The results give business owners immediate and actionable insight.

Many small and medium size businesses are not receiving quality data on their customers’ experiences. Large organizations struggle to find “regular” customers willing to participate in long post-experience satisfaction surveys. Businesses need a way to get quick feedback in the manner in which customers consume their content – variable likes, retweets and pins.

Tapyness solves the issue of easy feedback for consumers. A tablet positioned near the exit of a retail establishment asks “How was your overall experience today?” Underneath are three responses (images/ text) from which the customer may choose or “tap:” thumbs up, thumbs middle, thumbs down. A reporting portal and dashboard service provided to the business allows the owner to see aggregate results by day and time ranges.  Further development will allow Tapyness to aggregate Facebook likes/ comments and Yelp stars/ comments to be displayed alongside results of the exit poll.

The initial target audience is small to medium size retail businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, fashion outlets, auto services, grocery stores and professional/ medical offices.