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DataAppraisal’s automated proprietary solution helps companies discover the monetary value in their data assets, allowing them to engage in new revenue opportunities without the risk of being undervalued.

Workplace Healing

Workplace Healing LLC created the revolutionary Human Recovery PlanTM Software Platform, a B2B SaaS tool, to provide corporate leaders, managers and care teams with the empathetic muscle necessary to support employees affected by life disruptions. The Human Recovery Plan relies on the unique balance of both head- and heart-based initiatives to restore an employee’s productivity following a grief event.

Foothold Labs

Foothold Labs' mission is to develop next generation rapid diagnostic systems that provide laboratory quality capabilities in the field for the military, health care technicians and first responders.


DataSource is building a better and more efficient world through data by optimizing logistics networks and industries to reduce costs and carbon emissions.


VaccineAssist is a public health platform intended to create a personalized vaccine experience for patients and to help vaccine providers optimize their workflows and patient engagement.


XReps delivers Extended Reality (XR) training & gaming products aimed at democratizing access to elite football training for the youth market, transforming quarterback training and evaluation at all levels of football and providing unique experiences to football fans worldwide.  This is accomplished via XReps’ patent-pending XR platform.



PageMaster is an online social marketplace that helps authors, literary agents and publishers gain more context on one another to reduce slush piles, unconscious bias and submission error through context and clarity.



SEPOW is the “Yelp” for diversity, equity and inclusion. The company provides a tech-driven approach designed to mitigate instances of discrimination by equipping business with effective solutions and empowering users.



MoodSpark is a digital companion that detects sadness and uplifts with memories, conversations and video visits from friends, families and caregivers.



InventXYZ is equipping high school students with cutting-edge, hands-on skills for the future. The company embeds real-world experiences in every high school so 100% of kids get immersed in hands-on STEM, computer science and artificial intelligence.


AZELLA is the only full-service SaaS marketing platform to include automated branding, dynamic website building, AI marketing and matchmaking for financial advisers.



Veeper builds personalized loyalty programs for online stores and tracks customers’ shopping habits to apply the optimum discount that gets them to buy more. The company’s MVP saw a 4% net increase in 30 launch partners’ average order value.


B1rdOne is revolutionizing the way field operations are conducted. Using cutting-edge tools such as drones, augmented reality and real-time communication – B1rdOne is closing the communication gap for first responders and life-saving resources.


BryghtLabs builds AI-injected games – merging entertainment and education into novel hardware products. The startup’s launch product, ChessUp, is the most-funded chess product in crowdfunding history with over 6,000 units pre-ordered.


Kadogo helps users turn everyday purchases into charitable donations. The company’s platform makes it simple for everyone to donate their spare change, cashback rewards and more to nonprofits.

Love Lifesciences

Love Lifesciences is developing a series of injection safety devices which will improve the patient experience when injection medications are required for care. The injection process is tedious, can induce unnecessary pain and frequently evokes anxiety and fear. MultiPen will allow for a better injection experience, providing patients complete injection control while limiting opportunity for error.

SaRA Health

SaRA Health provides personalized injury and fall prevention paths through its platform to high-risk populations like first responders and senior citizens. The company’s customers – corporate wellness providers, home health and PT clinics – apply their content directly to patients or provide SaRA Health with their content and mapping, which the company subsequently "codes" into a fully digital patient experience. 

Air Traffic Awareness

Air Traffic Awareness provides patent pending solutions that enhance situation awareness for general aviation to increase in-flight safety to avoid midair collisions. Their solutions leverage the ADS-B technology, which is geared to replace the secondary RADAR system in all aircraft. As of January 1, 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration requires every aircraft to be outfitted with an ADS-B out. This opens up a market for real-time applications like theirs, compatible with every aircraft in the US.

AWA Technology

NORDEF has developed the technology to produce diesel exhaust fluid on demand in an as-a-service business model. The result is the potential removal of millions-of-tons of harmful NOx emissions from upstream logistics and millions-of-tons of single use plastics from landfills while providing high-quality, long life diesel exhaust fluid. They plan to disrupt a $30b+ market.


SureShow is solving a problem physicians often face – the loss of revenue for no-show appointments. SureShow sends alerts to physician and to the patient’s mobile device when appointments are missed and invites the patient to participate in virtual services directly with their doctor, among other features for patients and health care providers.